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About Jamie Neale

3rd Place Burgos/New York Choreographic Competition 
City Award Burgos/New York Choreographic Competition
Winner Best Video - VOTD UK - Atriums "Charcoal"
Semi-finalist Belgrade International Festival

CREDITS: Vivienne Westwood, Vans, Showstudio, Paul Smith, Robert Woods, Dazed, AMI Paris, Kent & Curwen David Beckham, Rebecca Ferguson, Made.com, Years & Years, Mika, Will Young, Lapsley, Alice Ella, Pixx, Earl, Max, Matoma, Artificial Atriums, XL Records, Atlantic Records, Universal Records, Partisan Records, HBO, Alcatel Icon, Kaltblut Magazine, Velvet Magazine, Flaunt Magazine, Feroce Magazine, So You Think You Can Dance, Vogue Williams, Wella Russia, Hasbro, Sadlers Wells

Great people Jamie has had the pleasure of working with: Mary Rozzi,  David Beckham, Rebecca Ferguson, Charlotte Le Bon, Crowns & Owls, Vicky Lawton, Margo Stilley, Rupert Hands, Sasha Gervais, Peter Dinklage, Dmitriy Vinokurov, Steven Mcrae, Woland, Alex Paterakis, James Slater, Emily Blackwell, Natasha Lawes, Amy James, Paul Smith, Ciaran Mcconville, Dylan Holmes Williams, Snowden Hill, James Bowden, Niall Coffey, Olly Alexander, Wende Snijders, Holly Race Roughan, Emma-Jane Lewis, Christian Couzens

Movement Director. Choreographer. Collaborator. Jamie is one of the most exciting creative minds around. What makes Jamie successful is his experience of working across disciplines – across diverse mediums, styles and working environments. Jamie’s work speaks for itself. It’s fresh and original. But Jamie speaks for his work too. He is highly proactive, kind-spirited and passionate about every project he does. It means that everyone who meets and works with Jamie – whether a director, client or production company – is assured that their project is in safe hands.

Jamie believes in art without borders because that’s how he was introduced to art. Jamie originally trained as a professional dancer. He cut his teeth working with choreographers and practitioners of the highest calibre such as Mark Baldwin, Robert Cohan, Alexander Whitley, Jonathan Goddard, Gemma Nixon, Supple Nam, I Could Never Be A Dancer & Renaud Wiser. His transition into choreographing his own work led him to collaborate with world-class directors and companies. The experience means he speaks a lot of artistic languages. He is accessible for artists of all backgrounds, and a breath of fresh air for every creative mind in the room.

All Jamie brings to the room is himself. But luckily, Jamie is not only a melting pot of ideas, but also a source of positive energy. He lights up a room and spurs on every process he’s involved in. It’s a major factor of why his process work well – it’s what you bring to the room that really counts.